About Nikolai Kronborg

Nikolai KronborgThrough 7 years Nikolai Kronborg built WHERE2GO Magazine and WHERE2GO Client Publishing from scratch and grew it as CEO & CCO to 30 employees. The company was profitable all the way and acguired by Aller Media in 2007.

It was motivated by Kronborg’s curiosity for consumer behaviour, a curiosity that he got when he was invited to the US to study an MBA and participating in a PHD research on consumer behaviour.

Kronborg took his skills and experience with him to Aller Media and various leading agencies, and created a variety of new business entities through strong consumer behaviour insights.

The key to Kronborg’s success is the ability to leverage customer insights, deliver a rich customer experience and demonstrate superior cross-functional collaboration, strategic focus and organizational agility.

Specialties: Business Strategy & Implementation, Business Development, Transformational Leadership, Cross-functional Challenger & Collaboration, Partnerships and Sales.

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